Kamis, 08 Oktober 2015

A Letter for You

Assalamu’alaikum, my lovely kids.

I had to write this letter. I hope can be a reminder for us.
I’m really sorry ... forgive me. I have failed to control my emotion. I knew you were hurting but I showed you that I love you.

Why did you do your pray as the last thing you want to do? That's the remark I do regret to ask you. It makes me disappointed. I can’t tolerate your negligence of  our prayer time.

My affection for you more than anything else in this world. But your obligation to Allah Swt. remains a priority that should not be negotiable. That’s why made me angry to you. Nothing else ....

I want you to be aware of your duty to Allah, my love. Although I was angry, I still love you. Believe it. Where as of it, I do keep a hope on you. Seems that my hope failed to ease my words this morning. As you went to school with sullent faces, broken hearts, and uncomfortable feeling. It lets me write down this letter to you as to remind us. Forgive me ....

My lovely kids ....
I wrote this letter to express my love to you that no words can do. I do love both of you. If I let thousands words burst out of my lips, it does not mean I hate you. While, it is the expression of my love to you in another way. I will not let my love just make you missbehave.

I oblige to remind you as I let you criticize my wrongdoings. Only that matter to me my lovely kids. Again, kindly apologize your Mommy who fall to ease her wrath.
Only this I wanna say, my love.
Once again, forgive me.

With love ....
Your Mom.

4 komentar:

  1. What a sweet mom of you, kak Wiek.
    By admitting that you're sorry after snapping your children already shows that you're a good mom.

    I hope your children will always perform their daily prayers better. Aamiin

    1. Aamiin ....

      I am flattered. ^_^
      Btw, I'll try to be wisely in the next.

      Thank you so much, Mbak Frida. ^_^

  2. Please send me a letter too. How about on my birthday? :D

    1. Hahaha ....
      I'll send you a letter on your birthday next year.
      Keep my promise, Inang. ^_^



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